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Ellis Edge Camps

Ultimate Acceleration – Ultimate Power
Always Evolving! Discover our newest secrets to maximum speed!

Ellis Edge Camps offer each athlete a unique and fun learning experience. Our goal is not only to teach the best and latest technical and tactical skills, but also to promote self confidence, sportsmanship and team work through sport.
Each Ellis Edge camp is limited to only one group to be able to follow each athlete every step of the way through the camp and maximize the learning experience for each individual.  We take great pride in the progress each individual makes and athletes leave the camp proud of their successes. 

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Now taking bookings for camps and clinics for 2015. To arrange an Ellis Edge Speed Skating Clinic in your area or for further details please contact us.

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Great articles on training,  technique, strategy and tactics, mental training and more!  




Simple Enough for a Beginner!
Powerful Enough for a World Class Skater!
"The golden rule of any conditioning programmer is specificity. This means that the movement you perform in training should match, as closely as possible, the movements encountered during competition."

Peak Performance The Power of Plyometrics, Part 2 of 6



Techni-Cords were designed exactly for this purpose!
Techni-Cords allow you to both execute movements slowly, and dynamically to establish proper body angles, sequence of movement and timing for straight-away strides, corners and starts.

Techni-Cords allow you to slow down the movements, make both major and minor technical corrections and develop strong neural programming by executing the skating movements repeatedly.
Not only used for technical training, Techni-cords is also simply the most specific training tool you can use to develop your strength, power, and explosivenss off ice!
We continue to be thrilled with the success skaters have been able to achieve using the cords on a regular bases.

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Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.

-- Jesse Owens
Techni-Cords are now supplied by Cascade Speedskates

"Best sport specific training tool out there!"