Check your Butt!

Recently, while conducting a clinic in Columbus OH, we were challenged with skaters coming to their toes while doing on ice drills. Coming to the toes releases the pressure in to the ice almost instantly and does not allow you to fully access and use those wonderful butt muscles for a powerful push. How many skaters and coaches are frustrated by the  release of pressure before the end of the push and not having a simple way to make corrections?

We always try to feel what the skaters feel to see how we can best make corrections. In doing this I made what I think is a truly enlightening discovery!  We termed it the Elaine Principle! It’s so simple, but once understood it can quickly allow anyone to do a self analysis and make corrections immediately. I think the best way to understand is to experience it for  yourself.

I think you will notice a couple of key things:

Now that’s a beautiful thing.

Thanks Elaine for allowing us to more clearing understanding the value of our butts!

So if you come to your toes, or release the pressure before the end of the push, the first thing to do is:  Check Your Butt!!

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Give your comments on this months tip on our message board!
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