Specificity in training is crucial to performing your best in any sport. You need to closely simulate the technique of skating motions off ice in order to effectively transfer these motions to the ice. There are several ways you can simulate technique off ice, including various dryland imitations, turn cables, and slide boards with good results. Each has advantages and limitations. With TECHNI-CORDS you can more closely simulates the actual skating movements than with any other off ice training device.

Skating at top speed is all about applying pressure in to the ice, using the ideal body position (angles), the correct rhythm, timing, and sequence of movement (timing), with the weight moving in the direction you want to go (momentum).  To be fast AND to be efficient, you must have all of these components working properly. This means you must recruit the proper muscles that deliver maximum power, and they must work in the correct sequence. TECHNI-CORDS are designed exactly for this purpose. TECHNI-CORDS work by allowing you to perform each component of a skating stride very slowly and specifically, recruiting maximum muscle fiber, allowing you to create muscle memory.

Once the movements are mastered and have become habit, you can use the TECHNI-CORDS to add a strength resistance component to your technical workout. Performing the movements dynamically will increase your power and explosiveness.  However, you should always start every workout by performing the movements slowly for technical reinforcement and as a warm up  before moving on to dynamic movements.

Of course, as with any technical learning, repetition is key to creating lasting muscle memory. Using kinesthetic imagery along with the movement, and becoming aware of the correct feelings of the movement, helps create muscle memory and more effective transfer to the ice. Training with TECHNI-CORDS 2 – 4 times a week will reinforce good habits and help you to change bad habits.

TECHNI-CORDS are a great for warming up before training sessions and competitions as they reinforce good technique and wake up and recruit all those muscle fibers that you will need for explosive pushes.

TECHNI-CORDS are designed be used solo, just about anywhere you can find a spot to attach them, or in tandem with a partner. So, whether you are at home, at the rink, or on vacation you can still get your workout in.

Skaters who have used the TECHNI-CORDS have reported great results in increasing power and making technical corrections such as:

To be your best, you have to work at it. Using TECHNI-CORDS on a regular basis will make the difference in your power, speed, and explosiveness.

For more information and a demonstration on TECHNI-CORDS visit www.technicords.com

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