75 Great Reasons To Train
By Susan Ellis

So, last month’s tip was 5 Great Reasons Not to Train. I hope you all had fun with it. This month mark’s the 75th , yep, that’s right, seventy five tips that I have published on the skating tips page. So in honour of that, this month’s tip is 75 great reasons TO train!
I started struggling somewhere around number 70 to come up with 5 more so I asked my homies in the Saint John club to come up with 5 more. They did such a good job I replaced some of mine with theirs!
Interestingly enough we had just had a chat that week at dryland training about what motivates them to train. That night we had one of our best training sessions ever! Yes, sometimes training can be boring, hard to do, tough to find the time, lonely, and makes you hurt! But if you look at all the good reasons to train I think you’ll find more than a few to get you going and be the best you can be. So pick your favourite reasons and follow through with your commitment. You know you can!!!!

1.Training increases the size, strength, and stoke volume of my heart muscle
2.Training increases my lung capacity to take in more oxygen
3.Training increases the amount of my capillaries in the muscles so more blood can flow to the muscles
4.Training increases the return of blood to my heart so it can be re-oxygenated quicker
5. Training increases the amount of exercise I can do so I can skate longer
6.Training increases and enhances a bunch of proteins and enzymes that help in producing and using
          oxygen and muscle fuel.
7. Helps to convert the food I eat in to fuel for the body
8. To be able to use fuel from blood oxygen longer rather than muscle fuel – legs don’t get tired as quickly
9. Increases lactate threshold - can work harder for longer
10. Increases lactic tolerance – muscles don’t hurt as much
11. Increases amount of fuel stored in muscles
12. Increases aerobic capacity
13. Increases aerobic power
14. Increase lactic capacity
15. Increases lactic power
16. Improves lactate buffering system – picture a bunch of Pac Men in your muscles eating up all the nasty
              waste products and then spitting them out as fuel again
17. Increases strength in muscles 
18. Increases size of muscles
19. Increases power in muscles
20. Increases fast twitch muscles – sprinting
21. Increases muscle coordination
22. Increases agility
23. Increases flexibility 
24. Improves balance
25. Increases range of motion
26. Improves skating position
27. Easier to stay in perfect skating position 
28. Improves push  - longer
29. Improves push  - harder
30. Improves push   - faster
31. Can put more pressure in to the ice
32. Improves efficiency
33. Increases reaction speed
34. Improve quickness
35.Get better starts
36. Better lap times
37. Be able to do more laps
38. Increases rate of recovery between training sessions
39. Increases rate of recovery in between races
40. Improves core strength
41. Improves core stability
42. Improves stability in hips
43. Improves stability in ankles
44. Proud of being fit!
45. Look cool in the weight room
46. Get a six-pack of abs (women love it!) 
47. Train with friends
48. Fun to train
49. Learn new skills
50.Improve fitness for other sports
51. Don’t want to get left behind
52.Lose weight
53. Look buff!
54. Make qualifying times for competitions
55. Make teams
56. Improve performance at competitions
57. Set goals
58. Accomplish goals
59. Build on strengths
60. Improve in weak areas
61. Win competitions
62. Improves confidence
63. Prove to myself I can do it!
64. Improves mental toughness
65. Have fun while working hard (Sandy Archer)
66.Makes for a good night's sleep (Sandy Archer)
67.Because you like to skate (Julia Laparco)
68. It's better than doing nothing!!! (Catherine Tremblay)
69.Guys like girls that are in shape!  :) (Catherine Tremblay) 
70.Decreases mental stress  (Leah Holah)
71.Sets lifelong habit of being physically active which will serve
            you well in later years!!!  (Angela Lavric)
72.Builds strong bones and prevents bone loss (osteoporosis) 
            later in life. (Angela Lavric)
73.Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and lowers cholesterol
            which begins earlier in life than you think! (Angela Lavric)
74.Sets a good example for the rest of your family to get
             active. (Angela Lavric)
75.Rewarding and motivating as it releases natural endorphins!  (Angela Lavric)

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Created by Sue Ellis, former US Olympic Speed Skating Coach
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