May 2006
  By Susan Ellis
Specific Strength, Power, Endurance – Part 1 – Straightaway
This series contains a number of videos to demonstrate each drill more          
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This article is the first in a 4 part series focusing on specific strength, power, and endurance for the straightaways, corners, and starts. We will begin this series with straightaways.

As mentioned in previous articles specificity in training is crucial to getting full bang for your buck in training, and having that specific training translate in to gains on ice.

Traditional training such as inlining, slide boards, skating imitations, and jumps are all very specific forms of training, but are they specific enough? All are excellent for improving muscular endurance and power in the skating position and should not be neglected or overlooked. They are a bit part of your summer program, especially when ice is not available. But the one component they lack is in improving max strength and max power. To improve these two components you need to do specific resistance training. Traditional strength and power training such as squats, lunges, steps up, and Olympic lifts give you an overall base of strength but lack specificity in movement.

This article explains some of the specific imitations and jumps used for endurance and power as well as how to use Techni-Cords for strength, power, and endurance to make your workout even more specific.

Techni-Cords Straightaway

Watch the following video before continuing : Click here to access Video

Before starting any Techni-Cords (TC) drills, make sure that your attachment is solid. Mamma would not be please if you pulled her porch down! Also make sure the surface you are working out on is non slip. Using a chair helps with balance, especially when performing max strength movements.

The amount of resistance (number of cords) will depend on
1) technique  - You should ensure that every rep you do is performed with good technique, otherwise you will create bad habits that will transfer to the ice.
2) your strength – the stronger you are the more cords you will need. I would recommend starting out lighter, rather than heavy to ensure proper technique first.
3) number of reps  - depends on whether you are training for max strength, power, or endurance
4) tempo of the reps – again depends on what specific quality you are training.

Note: For this demonstration you will notice that we use two sets of Techni-Cords- One attached at ankle height and one at waist height using 1 waist belt. In our testing we found that this provides more stability, a more even distribution of the resistance throughout the movements and allows us to maximize the resistance. All the drills can be done using only one set of cords but as you build your strength and want to maximize your training you may want to consider getting a second set of cords. (We offer a cords only option on our website)

Watch the video again before continuing: Click here to access Video

Set up:


Return to set up position:

Specific Techni-cords workouts for strength, power, or endurance

Strength:        Max strength is developed through slower movements with high resistance to allow the muscle time to recruit as much muscle fiber as possible. Tempo, or speed of movement, is controlled through use of a specific count.  As a minimum a 2 out, 2 in count is required. What this means is that from the start of the movement at the set up position, to the completion of the movement at the end of the extension, will take two seconds, counting one –one thousand, two – one thousand.  This is the ‘out’ count. Then from the completion of the extension to the return to set up is a two count. This is the ‘in’ count.
Sample of strength specific programs are:

Watch Demo Video of TC Strength Click here to watch video

Power:       Max power is developed through high velocity (fast) movement using moderate to high resistance. The goal here is to execute the movement as fast as possible given the load, with the best technique possible.

Samples of power programs are:
added strength component to the workout)

Watch Demo Video of TC Power - Click here to watch video

Here is an excellent article describing strength and power training and the benefits of each from Peak Performance:
(The Peak Performance web site is a great source for training information)

Endurance:  Specific muscular endurance is developed using lower resistance and high repetitions. The movements are performed at a fairly high speed on both the out and the in.

Samples of endurance programs are:

Watch Demo Video of TC Endurance - Click here to watch video

For a printable version of Part 1 click here

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Specific Strength, Power, Endurance Series
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Specific Strength, Power, Endurance
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